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4500B by Waldon

Brought to you by MND Equipment Resources Inc.

This subcompact half-yard loader features super agile 45 degree articulated steering and 22 degree rear axle oscillation that allows it do tough jobs in tight places.

Waldon 5100

Distributed in northern Ontario by MND Equipment

The Waldon 5100 is perfectly suited to a variety of heavy industrial and construction environments and situations. It excels in projects involving plant maintenance and heavy material handling.

Waldon's 6000C

Sold by MND Equipment Resources Inc.

The Waldon 6000C wheel loader has a compact, rugged structure which combined with superb power and maneuverability is what establishes it as a leader in its class.

Waldon 7000

Distributed in Northern Ontario by MND Equipment

With a dump clearance of 105 in. and an 85 HP Diesel Cummins engine providing a breakout force of 9,000 lbs, the Waldon 7000 is the second largest machine in their product line.

Waldon 8500C

Presented by MND Equipment

The 8500C is the most compact and powerful loader of its capacity available. Change the front end attachment and you have a heavy duty forklift designed for large capacity industrial and rough terrain material handling in confined areas.

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Waldon History and About

Waldon Equipment History video

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Waldon Equipment In Use

Waldon Equipment in use in the Agricultural Industry

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